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Marcy ME 709Do you like biking but having problem with your joints? Well, you are not the only one to have that problem in this world. There are many people out there to experience the same thing like you. But now, the recumbent exercise bike can be a good solution for you, which are Marcy ME 709.

It is an exercise bike that specially designed for you who have problems with your joints when biking. Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with pedal that is placed just slightly below the seat level. This helps you to reduce any stress on your ankles, knees, and back that you usually experience when you ride ordinary bikes.

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Despite making your legs are extended beneath your body, this kind of pedal positioning makes them are extended to the front of your body. That is why your legs will be less stressful when using this exercise bike.


There are many recumbent exercise bike products out there. But a product that can be your consideration is Marcy ME 709. Despite the numerous advantages you can get from this recumbent exercise bike series, this latest series of Marcy also comes with affordable price and easy to assemble.

What makes Marcy ME709 is a good choice of recumbent exercise bike? Well, it is a one for all recumbent bikes as the product provides 8 levels of resistance. That makes it possible for this exercise bike to be easily customized. So this is suitable the most for both experienced and new recumbent exercise bike users.

Marcy ME 709 also comes with stylish design and available in three cool colors of black, gray, and cooper. This recumbent exercise bike weights 66 lbs. and has capability to reach limit weight of 300 pounds. The ideal size of this exercise bike makes it easier for you to store it at home.


The 709 has numerous great features that will benefit you in many ways.

  1. Resistance

You can start it from the resistance level of the bike. Instead of just one or two, it has 8 levels of resistance! You can turn into each level of resistance that fits your need by simply turning the knob available in the bike. The higher of resistance level you reach, the more calories you will burn. Higher level of resistance also influences the muscles buildings.

  1. Monitor

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike provides monitor with oversized screen to enable you monitor the speed, time, even the calories you burn while doing the exercise. It is truly wide that you will not miss any information displayed on it even when you are too busy exercising.

  1. Adjustable Seat

This Marcy ME 709 comes with adjustable seat. Either you are over 6 feet tall or just under 5 feet tall, the adjustable seat of 709 will help you to suit it.

  1. Adjustable Handles and Foot Strap

To give you comfortable experience of exercising, the tis product is also available with adjustable handles and foot strap. You can avoid injury caused by the slipping feet as the foot strap exists will keep your feet in their place when you are cycling.

Marcy ME 709

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Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike provides counterbalanced pedals to allow you doing forward or reverse cycling motions easily. Marcy ME709 comes with built in transport wheels which allows you to move the tool easier once you want to move to another room for doing the exercise. It also enables you to store the tool in easy and efficient way. Overall, Marcy ME 709 is designed really special.

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