Sole E55 for Cardiovascular Health

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Sole E55 EllipticalSole is one of the top brands of fitness gear for a reason. The Sole E55 is an elliptical trainer that is great for those who are looking for a trainer that will fit into a small space, but still provide them with the workout that they are looking for.

Home elliptical provide people with a great way to workout in their home. The Sole E55 Elliptical really has a lot to offer home workout enthusiasts.

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The latest model of the Sole E55 Elliptical provides the smallest footprint yet as it measures just 27 by 71 inches. Even though it has a small size it still can hold up to 375 pounds. In addition, it is equipped with many of the best performance components found on other home elliptical from Sole.

The display screen offers an adjustable angle as well as Bluetooth connection to use the sole fitness app. Perhaps most importantly, the Sole E55 has great ergonomics from the arm bars down to the pedals.

For entertainment, the E55 Sole Elliptical has music speakers as well as a tablet holder that is completely secure. For comfort purposes, the elliptical comes with a water bottle holder as well as personal cooling fans.

One of the favorite features of this elliptical is the 20 incline levels up to 20 degrees. For those looking to target muscle toning the automated incline is the perfect answer. The incline controls are located in the arm bars for ease of use.

Two of the key specs of this Sole Elliptical E55 are the 20 inch stride and the 20 pound flywheel. The combination of the two makes it ideal for beginners and intermediate level users who are average height or taller. An advanced athlete might prefer a trainer that has a heavier flywheel. Taller individuals may want to look for an elliptical trainer that has a longer elliptical path.

The workout programming includes a ten item menu. Options for training include user designed workouts and a manual mode. The preset workouts include ones focused on rapid calorie burn, muscle toning/strength, and cardiovascular health.

The LCD display screen is nine inches and can be tilted for optimum viewing levels. A smartphone or tablet can be used to control the elliptical as well. This works using the sole fitness app which is compatible with both android and apple devices. The app allows users to set up workouts and then use other apps to collect data during workouts. Sole E55 can store long term workout information and share data with fitness apps.



  • 20 pound flywheel
  • 20 inch stride
  • Ability to save user designed workouts
  • Power adjustable incline
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Audio friendly
  • Wireless heart rate transmitter comes with it
  • Warranty: two year labor and five year for electronics and parts


  • Speakers are not powerful
  • Only ten workout programs
  • Fixed stride is a bit long for more petite users

Sole E55

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For those who have a limited amount of workout space, but still want to add a piece of fitness equipment to their home, the Sole Elliptical E55 is a good choice. This small elliptical trainer is perfect for both beginners as well as intermediate level users. For those who are more advanced, this particular elliptical trainer may not offer the challenge that you are looking for.

Overall, this small elliptical trainer has a lot to offer. It provides a great console with plenty of entertainment options and the ability to create your own workouts. While there are only 10 pre programmed workouts on Sole E55, it is possible to use other fitness apps to create your own workout and keep you interested.

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